Is Indoor Football Back For Good In Cincinnati? I Hope!

The Cincinnati Commandos are the newest indoor football team to try to make its mark! The season opener was two weeks ago and I was pumped. Free Parking, $7 Dollar tickets if you were college gear, and $1 PBRS how could I not go. I loaded first into the car and headed to The Cincinnati Gardens an hour before game time. Plenty of time to get down there park and buy tickets Right?


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UC vs WVU (Live Blog Tonight)

Update (1st 10:12): What are tweeters saying:

  • @cnati Well, they do say that the first field goal is the hardest one.
  • @MoEgger1530 Toyloy, Davis, Dixon, Wilks, and Parker. Not exactly an offensive lineup on the floor.

Update (1st 13:39): We were down lastnight too! Lets go boys

The Bearcat Is Being Festive