QB Ben Mauk (Cincinnati Commandos, CIFL) Interview – collegeandpro.com

Check out the interview that my buddy Todd over at College and Pro did today with Commandos QB Ben Mauk

QB Ben Mauk (Cincinnati Commandos, CIFL) Interview

by Todd P Coleman:

As today’s athlete loses touch with reality and history, one begins to wonder if there are any role-models left.  I think I found one, and his name is Ben Mauk.  This former UC, Wake Forest and current Cincinnati Commandos quarterback gives his thoughts on several issues and shows why everyone should be pulling for him.  Entering the interview, I had respect for Mauk simply because of what he had to overcome in college.  After completing the interview I found a sense of honor in him and have no doubt that he will succeed at whatever he puts his mind toward.  This young man not only shows appreciation for his family and friends, he holds a special place in his heart for our country.  It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to ask him some questions and hope that you enjoy what came out.

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Interview with Commandos WR Dominick “Goodie” Goodman

Recently I contacted Cincinnati Commandos WR Dominick “Goodie” Goodman on Twitter and asked if I could email him some questions for the blog. Goodie was cool enough to allow me to send him some question and he responded.

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