Which Sport Is Best To Take A Date? A Sorta-Scientific Study (Yahoo.com)

I met the love of my life as a small child, and despite an often rocky relationship that has mixed joy and anguish with frequent doses of frustration, it endures to this day, stronger than ever.

But before the more romantically-inclined of you start tearing up over a good ol’ fashioned love story, it should be pointed out, sadly, that the object of my affection is not a childhood sweetheart who grew up to be a swimsuit model while retaining her girl-next-door charm.

It is sports.

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Did you know?


Did you know that after college, Randy Savage (then known as Randy Poffo) played in the Reds farm system? He also played in the Cards’ and White Sox’s too.

Mo Eggers Sports Fans View Of May, 1 2011

I read this on Mo Eggers blog today and thought it was amazing please read and check out his blog: HERE

I’m going to Great American Ballpark tonight.  The Reds and Astros will play a baseball game, and hopefully the Reds will win.  I’ll have a beer, a hot dog, and probably some funnel fries. I’ll try to answer the Scoreboard Stumper.  I’ll laugh at the unsuspecting folks on the Kiss Cam, and openly wonder about some of the at-bat music selections by the Reds.  All of that will be fun, because nothing on earth tops a night at the ballyard.
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