Jerome Simpson Flip Touchdown!!


Kenny Frease reconciles with Yancy Gates (

I’ll admit it: If my face looked the way Xavier forward Kenny Frease’s face looked after Cincinnati’s Yancy Gates sucker-punched him Saturday, I would not be quick to forgive. Frease’s welt was major. The left side of his face looked like Antonio Margarito after the Manny Pacquiao fight. Plus, Frease almost got stomped when he was on the ground. It was really bad.

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Great Story By Paul Daugherty On

Contrition wears a face. It looks like Yancy Gates, crying in front of a bank of TV cameras, a big man made small, slumped over a podium at Fifth Third Arena, a nylon sweat jacket pulled over his head. “A lot of people been calling me a thug and a gangster,” he said. “My parents didn’t raise me like that.”

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People who couldn’t beat UC feel they need to chime in! (

Were I a college basketball coach, I would probably want to stay as far away from Xavier and Cincinnati as possible right now. Both teams severely damaged their school’s reputations with Saturday’s ugly brawl, and both schools are currently dealing with the massive fallout and public relations nightmares that were always sure to follow. (We’ll have reaction to Cincinnati’s news conference on the blog soon.) To make matters worse, both schools botched their players’ respective punishments. It’s a mess. One is best advised to steer clear.

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